• Posted on January 09, 2011

Pilot training movies update

I’ve added some new pilot training movies, mostly are axis. If you have a good allied (and axis) movie you’d like to be added, just tell it to me.

Link: Pilot movies

  • Posted on January 06, 2011

Movies & Screens

I’ve added a section, where you can see movies and Screens of this fantastic game.

Check it out here: page 425

If you have some good screenshot and/or a great movie, just let me know.

  • Posted on December 29, 2010

Update of Paratroopers Guide by khitan

khitan updated his paratroopers guide, thx for the work mate.

it can be found here: Infantry

  • Posted on November 30, 2010

Paratrooper movie by Szyporyn

Szyporyn made a paratrooper movie, where even I could learn something.


  • Posted on November 22, 2010

Greni’s Sapper Movies updated

Greni has completed his sapper movies with the missing Axis tanks. You’ll find them in the movies section.

as example Tiger:
PzKpfw VI Ausf. E

  • Posted on November 19, 2010

Paratroopers Guide by khitan

khitan has made another paratrooper guide that is worth to be seen, check it out:


from: http://www.173rdairborne.com

  • Posted on November 19, 2010

AXIS Sapper & ATR Guide by parasit UPDATE

I’ve just updated the sapper & ATR Guide for the 1.32.5 release. Minor changes on the points and even the S35 works fine (at least on the Training Server). As this was a discussion on the .com forums, I suggest to all to use the driver slot as sapper-point. It works perfectly and you have an easy sap-point.

Regarding the ALLIED Sapper & ATR Guide, I will search a victime the next days and you’ll get an update next week too.

Have fun killing tanks with the guides you find here:

  • Posted on November 17, 2010

IN PURSUIT: Pilot Guide to Online Air Combat

In Pursuit is a thorough anthology of all facets of the life of a fighter pilot. In Pursuit covers, in detail, all of the positives and negatives, the things to do and the things not to do in order to become a “Top Gun” as a fighter pilot.

I flew fifty-seven missions over Europe during WWII and I feel like I remember a little of what I was taught. I’ve learned a lot of things from reading Johan Kylander’s book “In Pursuit” that I wish I had known way back then. I would have been a much more successful fighter pilot.
Russell S. Kyler, Captain USAAF (1945), 56th Fighter Group

I have been looking for something like this since I started simming. Barry “Bearcat” Knotts

Got feedback? Email the Author (jkyl ª comhem ° se)

Tired of reading off the screen? Printer running out ink?

Get In Pursuit printed and bound here!
Much improved and extended, and jam-packed with freshly redesigned illustrations, the printed In Pursuit is the beginner and intermediate pilot’s best wingman.

in Pursuit

  • Posted on November 17, 2010

you plan to make a big OP ?

you can use the visio templates from our site:


or check Guide/others

  • Posted on November 16, 2010

other languages

I’ve asked several players and all agreed it would be good to add other languages as well. So this is what i started now. If you have any guide feel free to contact me.

Check it out here: other Languages

old Worldmap

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