These commands have to be entered in the chat.

Shortcut Substitutions

$here Inserts the status of the actual cap
$lead Inserts the name of your Mission Leader
$miss Inserts the name of your Mission
$orig Inserts your Origin city
$targ Inserts your Mission Target city
$unit Inserts the name of your current Brigade


Basic Information

.ammo To request ammunition from other players. See Ammo request
.h Same as .help
.hc Provides a by name list of every HC member and what brigade they are currently spawned into – This includes people who are OIC’s
.hclist Provides a name only listing of all HC members online – This includes peopel who are OIC’s
.help Pulls up a list of all text commands that are available to a player
provides limited in game assistance with text commands
.ow Same as .own
.own Shows selected city owner and info about installation captured by attacker. If you don’t select a bridge or city it shows info about nearest city
Shows info about target city
.report Sends text to CRS and GMs. For use when suspected Cheating, Griefing, or terrain anomolies are found
.status Displays status of a target
.time Provides your local time, and the server time
.trainers Will list any trainer currently online
.who Displays the Persona, Rank and Brigade of the named player
.wtf Randomly generated message that generally lead one to say “wtf”



.1-6 Shortcut for using the text channels F1-F6 – Example .1 allows you to chat on channel F1
.afk Indicates that you are Away From Keyboard – Places ( and ) around the name of the player – when you return to keyboard type .afk a second time and () will be removed
.friends Lists all players currently on your freinds list
Adds or removes another players from your friends list
.fr same as .friends
.hqoff Turns off “HQ” messages (captures)
.hqon Turns on “HQ” messages (captures)
.ignore Will stop text from specified players – will show when they log on
.ig Same as .ignor
.m Initiates a Private Message to a specified player
.orders Displays current orders for mission
.r Replies to the sender of the last Private Message recieved
.whisper Transmits on local channel, but only for short distance
.whi Same as .whispe
.w Same as .whispe
.yell Transmits on local channel (enter) for greater ditances
.ye Same as .yell
.y Same as .yell


.au Same as .autoleader
.au off Turns autoleader off (you won’t accept ML automatically)
.autoleader Typing autoleader toggles the ability for you to recieve leadership automatically on and off
.mlist Shows a list of all players on the same mission
.ml Same as .mlist
.makeleader Allows current mission leader to pass ML ability to a new person
.orders Allows mission leader to set new orders



.invites turns your ability to accept squad invites on and off
.report For use when suspected Cheating/Griefing/or terrain anomolies are found. All .report text is acted upon by GM’s and is additionally reviewed by CRS
.wtf Random messages that generally lead one to say “wtf”



.conv Sets the Convergance distance of your aircrafts guns.


Emotive (emotes)

.em salute Your personna will come to attention and salute
.em cheer You start celebrating something
.em double You request to move quickly
.em gyrus Surrender emote
.em laugh Laugh emote
.em stop You request to stop
.em jump You shout JUMP, JUMP, JUMP!!!


Action Commands

Ctrl+1 Yells Double Time – makes green text line on text chat
Ctrl+2 Yells Take cover – makes green text line on text chat
Ctrl+3 Yells Stop – makes green text line on text chat
Ctrl+4 Yells Move Out – makes green text line on text chat
Ctrl+5 Yells More Ammo – makes green text line on text chat. This also requests ammunition from other players. See Ammo request


General (Squad)

.who Displays a text list of all squad members who are online
.who name Displays the player and what brigade that player is in
.nowho Hides you from .who functions


Recruiting/joining/leaving (Squad)

.accept Once recruited, the person asked to join has to accept the inviation
.decline If a player does not wish to join at that time .decline removes the invite
.demote Demotes a squad player
.leave Allows a player to leave a squad
.invites Turns off and on a players ability to recieve invites
.promote Promotes a squad player
.recruit Used to Recruit new members into a squad
.remove Removes a player from the squad


Squad Creation/Leadership (Squad)

.create Allows creation of a new squad – NOTE – Must have 5 players to start new squad
.disband Disbands current squad (Restricted to CO only)
.makeco Allows for a new CO to be named
.resign Allows Squad CO to resign post
.voteco Allows Squad to vote for a new CO


HC Officers
These commands are limited to members of the High Command – some commands are further restricted to higher levels of command.

.allied or .axis Allows HC members to broadcast to all players on their side – restricted to Div CO and above
.hold Hold At All Costs (HAAC) – Removes the infantry spawn limits on friendly depots
.attack Allows CP’s to become “hot”. Once .attack is issued and AO is placed upon the target (CP or Bridge)Multiple HC members are required for this command to execute
.defend Allows placement of Bridge Defense Objectives – allowing bridges to be rebuilt when destroyed/damaged
.clear Request to pull out an Attack Objective (AO) in a city or bridge selected in map. Several players are needed depending like .attack command.
.delay Request for a delay in a .fallback command
.du Request request shows the supply ticket status for the bde you attach to the command IE. .du 16id gives you info on supply tickets for 16.ID HQ.
.fallback Request a selected city in map to make a Fallback. City must have at least one installation captured by enemy.
.hccp High Command Control Panel
.oicvolunteer Informs your High Command that you volunteer to take charge of your current brigade
.oicnominate Notifies your High Command that you nominate the named player to be in charge of the named brigade
.oicveto Vetoes the nomination of the named player to become OIC of the named brigade
.oicresign The OIC resigns leadership of the named brigade
.oicreplace You replace the current OIC of the named brigade
.oicremove Remove the named player from the OIC position in the named brigade
.nextmove See the when the brigade is ready to move. Use the shorthand brigade names (up to 6 at once). NOT OFFICER ONLY
.lastmove Lists the last few brigade moves